I am a PADI Certified Dive Master, DSAT Tri Mix Gas Blender and LOVE underwater photography.  See my Photography page for my underwater photography.  I am currently a SSI Dive Control Specialist and Dive Leader for Mac's Sports in Clearwater, FL Click on their logo to visit. These are my current SCUBA Certifications.  AWESOME Nekton Pilot Cruise Gallery

Side Note:  I have made SCUBA my specialty in web site development.  If you are have a shop, charter business or are an instructor and need a strong web presence, it just makes sense to hire a SCUBA professional that knows SCUBA to design and promote your business.

I LOVE SCUBA!  It doesn't matter if I am in a Central FL Cavern in fresh water, swimming with the sharks in Costa Rica, or down at 140ft on a wreck in the Florida Keys...I am CRAZY about this incredible sport.
Send me an email and I will let you know the next dive planned and hopefully, you can join me!

My current PASSION is Underwater Photography.  Like we always try to tell our fellow divers, Take only pictures and leave only bubbles.  Nothing is a cool as snapping a photo of a shark right in your face or  8ft Barracuda "smiling" at you only a few inches away.  This ROCKS!

My wife got me the BEST present possible for my BIG 50 Birthday!  A week-long SCUBA Live aboard Cruise on the Nekton Pilot  Location Cay Sal Bank


Current SCUBA Certifications