Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to provide to start the process?

Essentially, you will need to provide the text, photos and logo that you would like on your site. If you don't have any of the above, we can work with you to help design a logo or to acquire any image files (I include local photography shots with your site, or I can use your photos) that would help with the overall look of your site.


My friend (or family member) knows HTML, couldn't he make my web site?

Unless this person is a web design professional it is probably not the best choice for your commercial site. A poorly designed site will reflect on your business and can actually drive potential customers away. Ever hit a company's main page and leave without going past the main page?  I am sure you didn't save that site in your "Favorites" 

Having a knowledgeable web design professional is the key to making your web site work for your benefit. As far as the Internet is concerned, it is not just an "if you build it, they will come" scenario. A well-designed and properly marketed web site will get you FOUND on the search engines and thereby, increase your revenue and client base. A poorly designed and marketed web site may only hurt your business.


How much does a web site cost with you?

Great question! Because there are many many variables to factor into the cost we will first need to have a consultation with you in order to quote a price.

The quoted prices are based on the size and complexity of the site. Keep in mind the more information you provide for us the easier and less expensive it will be to create your site. Providing photos, logos, text content, etc will all decrease the price range of your site.

As a general rule, most small business design projects will range between $850 and $3000. This is just a ballpark figure, depending on the needs and wants of the customer. After a brief email of what you would like and perhaps a clarification call, I will supply you with a Quote to get us started working together!

What are the deposit requirements?

Generally, we require a 50% deposit on all design work with the other 50% payable at the completion of the site. All web hosting, e-commerce software packages, domain name registration, fees paid by the client so they keep FULL OWNERSHIP of what is theirs.  If you think this isn’t usually an issue, alk to your friends that have had to fight HARD to get their own web site Domain name (ex: back from their “web guy””


How long will it take to get a site developed?

The length of time to create your site depends on the complexity and size of the web design. Once you have approved the layout of the design it will take approximately one to two weeks before your site will be available for your clients.


What will my web site be named?

Your web site will have a unique domain name. Most often we will try to get however, another company may have already registered it. If this is the case we will discuss with you the available, related domain names. If you have already registered a domain name we can use that name for your site.


Can I start with a small site and add to it later?

Sure. Some of our projects have been planned out in phases. We will design your site to fill your current needs. Then, as your needs change your site can be changed to align with them.


How a site is kept up to date? Can we do the updates in-house?

Every time a prospect returns to your web site they are that much closer to becoming a client. To keep them coming back to your site we recommend updating your content periodically. We can update your site for you for a fee based on how often you would like to update it and the complexity of the updates. We can also provide a solution whereby you can update specific areas of your web site.


What is a Host?

A Host is a computer that stores your web site data. When clients type in your web address they are directed to your host's computers, which will then display your site on the internet. The cost for this service varies but is usually between $10 and $50 a month (usually the lower though).


What is a domain name?

A domain name is the address of your web site. Because domain names need to be unique you will need to register one for your company so no one else can use your address. The cost for this service is between $10 and $30 a year.


Who owns my website once it is finished?

Some web designers retain the rights to the sites they build and may even charge you a fee to take "your" site and move it to another host.

When you purchase our services, we create the web site for you! At the end of the transaction you are the owner of the site. You can move it wherever you would like, copy it, make changes to it - anything you would like. It is yours.